Period & Heritage Style Home Experts

Our company’s speciality is in renovating period and heritage listed homes. Our company director, Paul Urquiola is a registered master builder with over 15 years of experience in the building industry and is also a qualified carpenter. Paul works closely with interior designers, engineers, architects, and draftsmen. He truly enjoys what he does and takes pride in making his customer’s dreams a reality.

We listen to your needs and respect your budget

All Lifestyle Constructions has been in operations since 2008 and we have established a strong reputation over the years for our skill, professionalism, and commitment to our clients.

We are a family owned business with Paul’s wife Amanda, acting as the business and financial manager. We have a great team of sub-contractors and tradesman that have worked closely with Paul for many years to establish a strong working relationship.

We build it right

All Lifestyle prides itself on handling only one project at a time, and this ensures the best results for your project. Paul is with you from the very start. From dealing with the council to project completion, we ensure that even the smallest details are finished with care and pride.

The services we provide

In addition to our standard range of services we also offer a number of specific services when working with heritage buildings:

  • Heritage management in line with council requirements, permits, consultants and registrations
  • Heritage and period renovation and restoration works

Why choose All Lifestyle?

  • Specialists in period and heritage: recreation, renovation and restoration
  • Our people: We work in close collaboration with our sub-contractors and tradesmen and have worked with them for many years
  • Individual care: We handle only one project at a time, and this ensures the highest level of excellence. We make sure that even the smallest details are finished with care and pride
  • Independent quality assessment: Enjoy the peace of mind of having an independent third party inspector involved during the entire construction process
  • Accredited by the best: We are accredited by the Master Builders Association of Victoria and Building Ethics Australia

Heritage Expertise

Local councils are becoming increasingly rigorous in their approach to retain such homes and preserve the neighborhood character, requiring specialist expertise in period recreation, renovation and council management.

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